Hmm… studying for exams right now. Sure took me a whole day to study just one subject… hell. I’m enjoying this



Gah. I’m too tired. I actually “planned” to study the whole day. But then again, I had to edit an episode and qc another… and another one might come along just before I go to bed. I’m so indulged in IRC, I couldn’t help but think if I’m becoming a cyborg and a hologram just like someone I know… mmm… ok, back to playing Prototype.

Too Random

Too random...

Too random...

Some random K-on OP song in which we mistakenly put up and down in the wrong direction. I might be non  compos mentis during the time I’m typing this, or the directions are just messed up…

What a week

Heck, what a week. Got an all-or-nothing quiz (which I assume is leaning more on the nothing side, which means a perfect zero). And some more sucky/terrible moments happening in life. Harharhar. No pics for now. Busy.

On the 2nd day of class…

Rain pounding on the school rooftops…

Muddied uniforms….

Schoolwork/projects/homework piling up just after the 2nd day of class…

All in a day’s work.

Homework? Check.

Homework? Check.

1st post

Girl who leapt thru time

Girl who leapt thru time

Whew, first post for my first-ever serious (is this even the right word?) blog that I’ll be working on starting today. Anyhow, as to commemorate my first post, here’s something that I’ve came up a few days back. I tried my hardest copying a random picture of Hiromi that I’ve hooked up somewhere in the net… Here’s the original picture:


Nice girl. Awesome anime.

And my beatiful rendition of this awe-inspiring True Tears character, Hiro(mu).

Too l33t for you

Too l33t for you

Well, there you have it. Updates later on.  ^_^

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!